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Carbon Negative Polythene

braskemCarbon Negative Polythene

At Polythene UK we strive to supply the market with products that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Advances in technology, and a partnership with Groupe Barbier and Braskem, have allowed us to supply the UK with polythene that is both recyclable and carbon negative.

Who are Braskem?

Formed in 2002, Braskem is one of the largest plastic producers in the world, with over 35 factories across the globe, including Brazil, Germany and America. It was formed from a consolidation of six companies: OPP, Copene, Proppet, Trikem, Nitrocarbono, and Polialden.

It produces nearly 20 billion kilos of thermoplastics and other petrochemical products every year. Braskem specialises in biopolymer, and can be considered the world leader in this field.

Braskem has focused on advancing the process of creating sustainable chemicals; their Green Ethylene plant was launched in September 2010, less than two years after the project’s conception. It is a massive step forward for sustainability in the plastics industry, and is currently the largest operation for creating ethylene from 100% sustainable materials (sugar cane).

Polythene from sugarcane

Specialising in polythene produced from the growing of sugarcane, we work closely with Braskem to provide the UK market with a fully carbon neutral and recyclable polythene product. We call it Polyair and we can use it across our full range of products, including pallet covers, bags and tubes, stretch wraps, and bio-based, 100% recyclable mailing film.

Does carbon neutrality affect cost?

Carbon neutral polythene costs roughly 7% more than traditionally produced polythene. However, we can more than offset this cost by applying Braskem’s sugar cane sourced carbon neutral polymer to our Polylite product, which goes 20% further than normal polythene. We have developed a polythene product that is carbon neutral, recyclable, and cheaper than standard polythene.

How can polythene be carbon negative?

The sugar cane used to produce our carbon neutral polythene uses carbon dioxide when growing, converting it in to oxygen via photosynthesis. This carbon consumption offsets the carbon emitted in the manufacture of the polythene, and in many cases outweighs the emissions, making our polythene carbon negative!

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