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Reduce packaging costs and increase sustainability with Eco-Friendly Mailing Film

Designed to make businesses more efficient and more sustainable

Save up to 20% by using eco-friendly Mailing Film

Sustainability matters. This is why we are constantly developing products made from cleaner polymers with smaller carbon footprints, like our eco-friendly mailing film. When made from our unique Polylite & Polyair materials, we can reduce your spend by 20%—so you can secure your mailing literature and your costs.

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Why you should reduce your carbon footprint now

Research suggests that only 5% of plastic packaging is recycled globally, compared to 40% that is deposited in landfills. Junk mail contributes to this problem, as do companies that over package the products they deliver through the mail. The environment is at breaking point. Find out how your business can help.

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Carbon Trust certified suppliers of sustainable packaging

This is the first time the Carbon Trust have certified carbon-neutral packaging. “We recognise that as a business we need to play a role in the transition to a low carbon economy,” says our MD James Woollard. “By working to better understand our biopolyethylene bags we can provide a more sustainable product.”

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Go carbon-neutral with bio-based, 100% recyclable Polywrap Film

This cost-effective mailing and polywrap film is an economical alternative to paper-based solutions.
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