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Reduce your costs, your waste tax & your carbon footprint …Thinking differently about polythene.

Polythene UK has invested in the latest technologies to develop new polythene products that help your business to save money.

We work together with SMEs and also provide expert consultancy to larger blue-chip organisations. Along with our long-term emphasis on sustainability, this wide-ranging industry experience means that we understand today’s demands on your business.

Polythene UK provides a wide range of polythene products to organisations large and small across the country, covering everything from bags to covers, tubes, films, wraps and stretch film. We supply not only the products but also the technology you need to use them, including the latest in pallet-wrapping knowhow.

We recognise that cost-effectiveness is a key driver for your packaging needs. That’s why we’re supplying an increasing number of businesses with Polylite, a light yet stronger alternative to polythene. It reduces both your costs and your waste tax burden. Alternatively, we’ve taken sustainability one step further and developed Polyair and Polycomp. These innovative, cost neutral, carbon negative bio-products that will change the way your business looks at packaging.

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The price of polymer is determined by the price of oil, which changes all the time. Call our sales team on 0845 643 1601* to discuss your requirements. They’ll be able to give you the best price over the phone, and answer any questions you may have.

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