How do our customers benefit from our Horticultural Products?

We frequently provide growing companies with specialist horticultural products to help them cultivate, maintain, and care for a wide range of produce.

Our selection of films, wraps, and bags can help you to maximise growing conditions for dependable yields all year round.

  • Improved productivity – protect your crop with our reliable, easy-to-apply wraps
  • Guaranteed quality – work confidently, knowing your produce is safe
  • Solid reputation – enjoy peace of mind that you’re working with the best
  • Cost-effective – make use of some of the highest quality stretch film on the market at industry-leading prices.

Who we supply to

The British weather can be challenging with high winds, heavy rain, and even snow showers in some areas of the UK. These difficult conditions mean that it is hard for growers and landscapers to produce crop all year round without it suffering damage and losses.

From our Polytunnel Film to our Ventilated Stretch Film, our innovative horticultural wraps can help you overcome these challenges, creating stable soil environments for your plants to grow and flourish, whatever the weather.

Our horticultural products

At Polythene UK we stock a wide variety of innovative films, wraps, and bags that can help maximise your crops’ growing conditions.

Protect your produce with Polytunnels

Improve your crop yield and meet market demands for produce out of season with our greenhouse and tunnel films, designed to maximise the growth of your crops by creating a stable temperature and environment.

Increase airflow with Ventilated Stretch Film

Our Ventilated Stretch Film has helped growers to cultivate their crop in a safe and secure environment. The small vents in the film allow for a natural airway essential to your crop’s growth, while securing it from external threats.

Manage your waste effectively with Horticultural Bags and Liners

Our high quality Horticultural Bags and Liners are the ideal solution for collecting and transporting any cuttings or waste from your field, polytunnels, or greenhouse. They are made from a strong and innovative polythene material that helps to keep all your materials secure and easy to transport.

Maximise your growing conditions all year round with Polythene UK. To enquire further or to place an order, call 01993 777950 or contact our team online.

Find out more about our range of horticultural products by calling 01993 777950

Product Range

Benefit from our wide range of films, sheets, and membranes for the agricultural and horticultural sectors:

Agricultural stretch film

This innovative stretch film by Silobal® allows farmers to easily and securely contain their bales. The film has been specifically developed to provide maximum flexibility and wrap around differently sized bales, for practical, flexible agricultural protection.

Ventilated stretch films

Let your produce breathe with our Ventilated Stretch Film, specifically designed to allow your pallet-wrapped fruit, vegetables, and flowers the natural airflow they need to stay fresh and healthy.

Mulch film

Our Mulch Film helps farmers throughout the UK to speed up the growth of their crops and provide healthier produce for better return on their yields. Mulch Film protects your crops against environmental changes by minimising the external conditions…

Silage sheeting

Our Silage Film provides farmers and horticulturists throughout the UK with a way of maintaining the nutritional value of their forage plants such as corn, vegetables, and grasses after cutting, for longer lasting, higher quality silage.

Horticultural bags/covers

Our wide range of Horticultural Bags and Liners is designed specifically to meet the broad needs of farmers, bale contractors, gardeners, groundsmen, and other horticulturalists throughout the UK.

Polytunnel Film

Made from specialised polythene to maximise your growing conditions, trapping temperature and humidity so your crops can grow in perfect conditions. They maintain growing conditions in this way, polytunnels are excellent for growing crops out of season.

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