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Samsung Create The First See-Through Truck

What are the advantages of a see-through truck?

It’s no secret that Samsung are leaders in innovation. This time they have turned their innovative eye towards solving an issue that has plagued truck-drivers, motorists, and logistics managers for years. The unveiling of the Samsung see-through truck has made huge waves in mainstream and social media by embracing the latest technology to help keep people safe.

Let’s take a closer look:

The most apt of names

While the term “See-Through Truck” has captured the public’s imagination, the truck’s real name is the “Safety Truck”. The concept is as simple as it is brilliant. A wireless camera is attached to the front of the truck and this is connected to a wall of four monitors located at the rear. Drivers can see exactly what lies in front of the truck, and what is heading toward them, allowing them to overtake more safely, even at night.

Add to this the fact that drivers will be able to take measures to avoid the truck, should it need to brake suddenly, and it immediately becomes apparent just how many lives this design could save.

Road SafetyIt’s not just about oncoming cars

Outside the logistics and general driving community, animal welfare groups and cycling bodies have also grown excited about the idea of the Safety Truck. Both cyclists and animals represent hazards for motorists.

Animal welfare groups are excited about the possibility that the Safety Truck will save more than just human lives.

Developing the prototype

Samsung teamed up with a B2B partner to test large format display samples and a prototype of the Safety Truck itself. Argentina made a logical choice for testing such safety technology, as the country suffers one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the world at 12.4 road deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Samsung are keeping relatively quiet about the prototype tests but have officially confirmed that “the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people”.

Having confirmed the Safety Truck’ road safety potential, Samsung are now working with the Argentine government and road safety NGOs to ensure the technology is properly regulated.

When are safety trucks going to hit the road?

Truck SafetyUnfortunately, Samsung doesn’t have a certain answer to this question. They can’t promise that the Safety Truck will even make it over the regulatory hurdles. The good news is that, should the safety protocols and regulations be met, Safety Trucks could become part of the world’s mainstream logistics network in a matter of years.

One question Safety Trucks bring up is whether drivers will be too distracted by the screen to think about the actual road.

While there’s no doubt Samsung will be discussing this issue with road safety NGOs across the globe, it’s worth remembering that a truck that allows drivers to see what’s coming doesn’t absolve them from their responsibilities – or the truck driver from theirs!

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