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A Free Consultation Saved Our Client £70,000

A Free Consultation Saved Our Client £70,000

polylite polythenePolythene UK consultation case study

We recently met with the directors of a parent company that operates 4 separate sites, each manufacturing the same product and supplying the same type of customers. They use on average 165 tonnes of polythene per year.

What we discovered was that each site buys their polythene stock independently and supplies their customers with different weights of each of the different types of product they use:

We are currently working on a consolidation exercise which will not only give the company one supplier for their entire polythene requirement (Polythene UK, of course) but by swapping them on to our exclusive Polylite product across the board, will provide massive savings.

This is how it works:

They currently use 165 tonnes of material, at an average cost of £1,500 per tonne, which equates to annual spend of approximately £250,000.

Switching to Polylite will save 45 tonnes of raw materiala cost saving of £70,000 and a C02 reduction of 117 tonnes!

These savings have got to be worth at least a FREE consultation! So, if this situation is ringing alarm bells with you, give me a call on the number below and I will see if we can make this sort of difference to your business.

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