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Polythene Case Study: £10,800 Annual Savings

Polythene Case Study: £10,800 Annual Savings

Polythene UK consultation case study

A few months ago Polythene UK was awarded a tender to supply 50 tonnes of 250% cast machine stretch film per year to a national company. Each roll consists of 2,000 metres which, when machine stretched, gives the client a 5,000 metre yield.

We know our pricing was good – that’s why we won the tender. We know our product is great – we supplied our exclusive Polylite film, so when we sent in a few trial rolls we were shocked that the feedback was poor! The client reported that the yield from each roll was low and our film was baggy?

James personally went to investigate…

What he found were 4 x power pre-stretch turntables which were set for the clients’ previous film – a 200% stretch. The fact that each machine was only stretching to 200% caused multiple problems. Firstly the yield per roll was down from 5,000 metres to only 4,000 metres and most importantly our film, which has been especially designed in order to maximise yield needs to be stretched to the full 250% in order for it to achieve the high performance you would expect.


By simply tweaking the control switch on each machine by no more than 8° and starting the run again with our Polylite film, James immediately increased yield by 1,000 metres per roll. Additionally, once properly stretched our Polylite film performed perfectly.

1,000 extra metres = a 20% increase in yield, which takes the client’s yearly usage from 50 tonnes down to 40 tonnes.

40 tonnes at today’s rate of ~£1,350 per tonne gives this client an annual saving of £10,800 and because he has chosen to use Polylite cast machine stretch film, an equivalent CO2 reduction of 20.8 tonnes.

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