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British Retailers To Embrace Polycomp Bags

British Retailers To Embrace Polycomp Bags

Polycomp Bags – Time for British retailers to come on board?

The EU was recently under fire for seeking a ban on plastic shopping bags to fight pollution.

Shops in Britain could be outlawed from stocking them, or alternatively there might be a new tax to dramatically reduce their use. The move has angered retailers who say a move like this would hit sales, while doing nothing to save the environment.

Statistics show that the average British family uses 12 plastic ¬carriers for the weekly food shop, while 46 per cent take home up to 10 from each visit. Retailers say that a ban would require people to remember to take their own bags each time they go shopping. Unplanned trips will be almost wiped out as bags will not be available for purchase.

Richard Dodd, of the British Retail Consortium said, “A Europe-wide ban on bags is unnecessary. It is likely to alienate customers from the green agenda”.

Well hello… what have I been banging on about for the last few months?

If retailers sold Polycomp bags at the checkouts, shoppers would have a plastic free alternative that they could purchase, take home and reuse in their food caddies.

Resulting in, business as usual for the retailers, ongoing impromptu visits by customers and British landfill site being free of millions of unnecessary checkout bags.