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Find The Lowest Pallet Wrap Costs In The UK

Find The Lowest Pallet Wrap Costs In The UK

Pallet wrap is essential to supply chain logistics, but bulk transportation and large volume goods can mean spiralling pallet wrap costs. These costs are furthered when pallet wrap rips, tears or otherwise fails in its job of protecting your goods during their storage and transportation. Substandard pallet covers could can cost thousands in material costs and damaged goods.

Find the lowest pallet wrap costs in the UK

Pallet wrap varies hugely in cost depending on the current price of oil. As such, companies can find themselves spending above and beyond their allocated budgets when sourcing pallet wrap with which to secure their goods.

The most effective pallet wrap provides both the material strength required to protect your goods, while remaining cost-effective to produce and therefore purchase. The best way to ensure cost-effective pallet wrap is to examine the thickness of the polythene. The thinner the pallet wrap, the less expensive the overall cost.

How does this work?

Polythene UK’s Polylite material is an excellent example of this. By delivering the same strength as traditional polythene through a thinner, multi-layered product, Polylite reduces the volume of polythene per pallet wrap by 20%, directly reducing the cost of the pallet wrap. You are essentially purchasing less polythene.

See the illustration below for an example of how Polythene UK’s Polylite can reduce your polythene pallet cover costs.


Polythene UK

Our expertise in polythene manufacture has enabled us to design and produce one of the UK’s most cost-efficient pallet covers. Polylite is a truly revolutionary material, benefiting both businesses and the environment as a result of its lightweight structure and carbon-positive production. Thinner, lightweight polythene pallet covers means less plastic reaching landfill and a significantly reduced carbon footprint – for you and us.

Find the lowest pallet wrap costs in the UK today with Polythene UK.

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