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Green solution to polythene waste

Green solution to polythene waste

Polythene UK, a major British broker of polythene film and bags, is launching two new materials that it says can be applied across its entire product range, providing a ‘green’ solution to the problem of polythene waste. The new materials Polyair and Polylite – will be unveiled for the first time at the UK easyFairs show in Birmingham later this month and, claims the company, will transform the way polythene is bought and used in the UK.

Polyair is a material that Polythene UK says is oxy-degradable in just two to three years. The material uses an oxy-degradable additive that is put into the polythene at the extrusion stage, making the finished product ‘oxy-degradable’.

“Polyair does not need a biologically active environment to start degrading, as this will happen even if the polythene is left in open air,” says managing director James Woollard. “The material will degrade and disappear in a very short time, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues.”

Polylite, meanwhile, is essentially standard polythene, according to Woollard, but made in a superior way when compared to traditional methods. “It can reduce the weight of polythene consumption by 20%, leading to less plastic waste going into our landfill system and therefore significantly reducing the user’s carbon footprint.” he adds.

Sourced from Food & Drink Technology (01/02/2010)

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