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Polylocal – Keeping it in the family

Polylocal – Keeping it in the family

As part of our ongoing programme of development, especially focused on ‘green’ issues, we are now looking at ways in which polythene is processed and recycled in the UK. Our plan is to process waste plastics to create a UK based source of high-quality regranulate – the exciting bit is that we intend to do this in a completely sustainable way, using new photo voltaic technologies.

Current waste is processed by companies like Green Star in Birmingham, and the extracted polythene is then sold and shipped to China to be processed and remanufactured into polythene products – many of which are then shipped back to the UK.

We are aiming to partner Green Star to keep and reprocess this valuable resource in the UK. Additionally we intend to partner John Hackling Ltd, part of Palletline to collect good quality waste polythene from our customers which will be washed and processed in one cycle into high-quality regranulate. We will reuse this to produce new polythene materials – helping us all avoid yet more price increases and reduce the amount of this valuable resource that is being shipped abroad.

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