Reducing The Amount Of LDPE In UK Landfill

Reducing The Amount Of LDPE In UK Landfill

Polythene UK reduce the amount of plastic reaching UK landfill

In last year’s August newsletter we reported:

By the end of this month [August 2010] the Polythene UK sales team will have made massive savings of 538 tonnes of LDPE – which is equivalent to some 80 million checkout carrier bags.

This year I am delighted to report that in the same period to the end of August 2011 we have saved a further 689 tonnes which equates to 1,791 tonnes of CO2 and is equivalent to 102 million checkout bags.

We are still supplying our CO2 Reduction Certificates – if you don’t have one yet let us know. We will look back at your purchases over the last year and work out how much CO2 per tonne equivalent your company has saved.

Get yours today and show your customers your ‘green’ commitment. Call our sales team on 0845 643 1601*

CO2 Reduction Certificate:

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