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The Green Key is Turning!

The Green Key is Turning!

Over the last few months I have been diligently banging on about our new levels of sustainability and our drive to become even more carbon negative.

Well, this month, I am delighted to announce that all of our efforts have been rewarded at the recent Oxfordshire Business Awards.


I have long known that Polythene UK was the greenest company in the polythene industry – we are now officially the greenest business in the whole county of Oxfordshire!

The Awards Dinner was held on Friday 21 June. The evening was a huge success and was attended by over 500 people at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel.

Even though this is our fourth award, the whole team is ecstatic and very proud to have won. They all know how much this award means to me personally.

Our partner company Earth Save Products, who designed and manufactured our renewable energy system, were selected as finalists in the Oxford Brookes University INNOVATION Award (the eventual winner was Williams Advanced Engineering).

It just goes to show that CSR and sustainability are key to our ongoing success and will be a core selling point for us when we approach the FTSE 350 companies who are looking to create a sustainable supply chain.
Green is good for business!

My plan is to gain national recognition for Polythene UK’s sustainable approach to business – watch this space!

This month:  
External Wall Insulation. Did you know that over a third of the energy required to heat a property escapes through the external walls?

Millions of properties have been constructed in the UK with solid walls, eliminating the ability to utilise cavity wall insulation, the result of which is that they now fail to meet current building regulations.

For this type of construction, External Wall Insulation (EWI) in the form of an Insulated Render System, applied to the outside of the property, is the ideal solution as it allows solid walls to dry out and heat up. The ‘tea-cosy’ effect then transforms the structure into a warm, dry, thermal mass which is excellent for heat retention.

Additionally the property’s external façade will be transformed by the flexible, waterproof, external coating applied to the insulated facia. For properties in need of refurbishment, this is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to demolition.

Our insulated render system, offers the perfect solution for our new building. The system involves the mechanical or adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside that are covered with a mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish. This layered method encases the property and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily, containing it within the property to reduce heating bills and carbon emissions.

Next month: 
I will tell you about our Internal Wall Insulation.

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