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Institute for Sustainability use Polythene UK as a Case Study

Institute for Sustainability use Polythene UK as a Case Study

Over the last year we have often highlighted the benefits of our fully sustainable offices – mostly because we are justifiably proud of what we have achieved, but also to encourage others to follow our lead and create benefits for the environment and a reduction in their on-going energy costs.

Polythene UK is delighted to announce that, with the support of Earth Save Products (who designed and manufactured our system), we have just received official notification that the National Institute for Sustainability has written a case study about our story as part of their Renewables Toolkit – which as we all know is something of a ‘How to be Greener Bible’.

This toolkit is part of the Institute for Sustainability’s RE:Start Local programme which aims to help SMEs secure supply chain and innovation opportunities arising from the increasing onshore renewable energy and low carbon building retrofit initiatives in South East England and beyond. It is a fundamental remit of the Institute for Sustainability to spread and share knowledge and business opportunity as widely as possible, for the benefit of local economies and communities across the UK and Europe.

Have a look at the Institute for Sustainability and be inspired!