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New Materials Give Others the Sack

New Materials Give Others the Sack

Now offering a new blend for aggregate sacks…PL125

This fantastic new material has been successfully trialled for all the aggregate and sand packaging at B&Q. It has been extensively tension and puncture tested and we thought that the results may be of interest to you.

We tested Regular Virgin LD @ 120Mu, our PL125 @ 110Mu and a competitor Metallocene @ 100Mu.
Obviously we would have liked to have tested them all at the same thickness but the customer requirement dictated it had to be like this.

As you will see from the test results in the tables below, new PL125 smashed it.

It performed 170% better at the tension test than Virgin and 46% better than the competitors Metallocene film – even with what looks like an unreliable result in the cross direction test that dragged the mean of the Metallocene down so the final result could have easily been higher.

Puncture resistance testing showed PL125 to be 38% better than Regular Virgin LD (that was 10Mu thicker) and 23% better than the competitor Metallocene (PL125 was thicker by 10Mu but we are confident that it would still easily beat it at the same micron).

Full test tables

Regular LD
200 x 200mm = 4.38g Micron from Weight – 119Mu
Micron spot readings – 120Mu

Polythene UK

200 x 200mm = 4.09g Micron from Weight – 111Mu
Micron spot readings – 110Mu

Polythene UK

Competitor Metallocene Blend
200 x 200mm = 3.71g Micron from Weight – 100Mu
Micron spot readings – 100Mu

Polythene UK

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