Beat the polymer price rise with Polylite

Beat the polymer price rise with Polylite

Over recent years the packaging sector has been forced to accept a succession of price rises from polymer producers. This process of rising costs for raw materials is set to continue with further steep hikes in the pipeline. At the same time the cost of energy supplies is increasing rapidly.

“The squeeze on margins caused by increased raw material prices and rising energy, transport and labour costs is putting enormous pressure on this highly innovative packaging sector.” FPE Executive Director, Stefan Glimm

The packaging industry has been working hard to offset such increased costs with efficiency improvements but these rises are becoming even harder to absorb, unless you can find a product that offers you significantly less raw material in its make-up. That’s why Polythene UK introduced our radical alternative to standard polythene: Polylite. This multi-layer, lightweight product offers you all the strength of standard polythene but with 20% less raw material in its make-up.

The financial benefits of switching your packaging requirements to Polylite are equally significant, giving you cost savings of up to 20%. That’s more than enough to offset rising polymer and energy prices over the short to medium term.

Find out more about how you can save up to 20% on your current polythene packaging costs by contacting Polythene UK today.

Contact our helpful sales team to find out how you can benefit from switching to Polylite based on your current product specifications.

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