New Product Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

New Product Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Pallet wrap film with ‘Windows’ – Stretch netting a green packaging solution for applications requiring breathability.

We often claim that ‘If we don’t have it, we’ll get it’ when it comes to green packaging solutions.
Our latest product is a unique solution in a pallet wrap film that has a grid of openings or ‘windows’ cut into its surface. This film will elongate up to 300%, which makes it economical compared to many standard films and almost all netting products.

This material is available in a variety of ‘window’ sizes. As the film elongates, the openings also elongate, creating a consistent web of windows, enabling the contents of any pallet to take in and/or let out any otherwise trapped air.

Less Plastic, More Air Being Circulated.
We are still conducting tests, but already it is obvious that by weight and volume substantially less plastic film is being used to accomplish the same task. This of course results in a much greener solution. Less plastic equals less polymer, which equals less waste, and the fact that this material can be easily removed and recycled is a big, green bonus.

We are also happy to announce that the manufacturer of this product meets the prerequisites of a Polythene UK supply chain partner.

Stretch netting is the ideal solution for sterilisation applications or any situation where the goal is to allow air in or out. It will help keep palletised boxes of produce fresh, and will avoid trapping moisture or even a potentially objectionable trapped odour.

If your products need to breath, this material will revolutionise your operations – just think no more pallet strapping – save time, money and waste.

This new product will be in stock within 8 weeks.

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