Polythene UK pinches a major new contract

Polythene UK pinches a major new contract

We have just been awarded a major new contract for a highly technically printed form fill and seal film order, that was previously supplied by Europe’s largest film producer.

How is this possible?

Our technical knowledge combined with our ability to identify potential savings for our customers over the phone (by switching to Polylite) created the initial interest. Samples, trials, free print plates and an extended printed trial, resulted in a very large order from a very happy customer and means Polythene UK is now a very happy supplier.

How it happened…

The identification of large savings to a potential new client by our sales team, led to an opportunity to quote for one of the UK’s leading compound manufacturers ‘Vinyl Compounds Ltd’, based in High Peak, Derbyshire. They use flat printed form fill and seal film – supplied as either flat film or single wound sheeting that runs through a machine which shapes the polythene into a tube and seals the film back and bottom creating a bag. The open ended bag is then filled automatically with the vinyl compound and sealed. As you can imagine this product requires a film that will allow un-burstable seals.
Polylite polythene
The incumbent supplier was only getting the film to work at 100mμ (400g). The only way for us to compete on price was by decreasing the thickness of the film which effectively decreased the price per metre. We suggested the company trial some plain PL100, our co-extruded Polylite film, and arranged with Groupe Barbier in France (one of Europe’s leading film producers) to send over a plain roll of the material to our customer, free of charge.

Not wanting to take any chances, and working on the basis that we only get one chance, if for some reason the first attempt did not work, we also arranged for a technician to be on site the day the customer first ran the free sample.

On this occasion the film worked first time and we went on to complete various trials, until the customer was happy. The result of one of the trials was to advise the customer to make a small adaption to his machine prior to moving to printed film, so they could achieve a registered print appearance on the bag.

The print design the customer required was a 5 colour logo, meaning 5 cylinders have to print on top of each other as the film runs through the printer at speed – we call this over-print. We created a design that means the film is printed on either side of the formed bag so you can see the design once the bags are packed onto a pallet. Groupe Barbier handled the printing for us – we wouldn’t use anyone else.

The Result

Switching to Polylite made a big difference. The customer saved approximately £2,300, on the same linear metres, over the whole order. Additionally, because of the saving in LDPE the customer has also made a substantial CO2 saving of 2.6 tonnes as you will see from their certificate below.

CO2 Reduction Certificate for polythene Polylite

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