Something to be Proud of (National Buying Group)

Something to be Proud of (National Buying Group)

This will be our second year as a member of the National Buying Group. We were very proud to have been accepted and have continued to work hard to meet the group’s challenging criteria:

NBG member companies must be shown to offer their customers and local markets, experienced members of staff, extensive product knowledge, fast efficient delivery service and an approach to customer care that sets a best in class for: Best Service, Best Advice and Best Quality

The National Buying Group (NBG) is an independent, progressive and fast growing group of privately owned builders merchants based throughout the United Kingdom. The group currently comprises 88 partner companies operating from 280 outlets who have a collective turnover of £750 million plus.

NBG promotes members’ innovation in both process and practice in its supply chain, with the objective of eliminating unnecessary build costs and promoting added value and satisfaction for the customer.
It has always been my intention that Polythene UK will be nationally recognised as one of the UK’s leading packaging experts – our membership of the National Buying Group shows that we are getting there.

We supply the NBG with the following products:

  • Plasterboard covers (printed & unprinted)
  • Gusseted pallet covers (printed & unprinted)
  • Hand pallet wrap
  • Printed tapes & carrier bags
  • Flame retardant film.

For more information, visit the NBG website.

You will also find that this issue contains some amazing giveaways, including:

  • A draw for a FREE stretch wrap turntable
  • FREE collection of your waste materials
  • A FREE purchasing review from one of our top consultants
  • FREE corporate branding on your products – including print plates and artwork.

– James Woollard, Polythene UK Managing Director