When was the last time you evaluated your polythene supply chain?

When was the last time you evaluated your polythene supply chain?

Polythene Supply ChainAs you know I always have my eye on new ways to grow the business, at the same time ensuring enhanced levels of ROI and service delivery for our customers – not to mention constantly seeking to reduce the environmental impact of the polythene industry as a whole… PHEW! (Who said men can’t multi-task!)

Currently, one of the fastest growing areas of the business is the ‘Polythene UK Consultancy Service’. Over the next few issues of this newsletter, I will be outlining actual examples of improvements we have made for some of our customers. I will be covering things like cost savings, optimised product spec, increased purchasing power, and ‘In-Time’ nationwide distribution solutions.

Just take a minute and ask yourself:

“Am I buying the best product, from the best supplier, at the best price?”

If you’re not 100% sure, call on our years of industry expertise. We will be able to completely analyse your current situation and it won’t cost you a penny! The PUK Consultancy service is completely FREE!

We will review your complete operation:
the products you are buying
who you are buying them from
your in-house processes
your delivery requirements.
You will receive a full report that is specifically tailored to your business. The report will outline savings and improvements that can be made. You don’t need to work through us, we will put you in touch with individual manufacturers who will improve your ROI – you can continue as before but get a much better deal.

Has he gone mad? I hear you say… of course not.

If I could show you a saving of 20% plus, and I am confident that I can – it would make sense for you to use Polythene UK as your broker to advance purchase all of your polythene – and all for only 10%

This is what you would get:
I will advise you when it is financially advantageous to buy your material
I will make the purchase for you, from your various suppliers
I will store a 3 month supply for you so that you can call it off as and when you want it
I will distribute it for you anywhere in the UK within 2/3 days from call off
(we can also collect your waste plastic at the same time)
I will only invoice you when you receive your order
I will save you all the problems you currently face when buying from abroad – factory shut-downs, exchange rate fluctuations, delayed deliveries and storage issues.
I have a dedicated team of 8 technical sales staff and 5 customer service staff who will look after all of that for you. We have large warehouses currently holding approx. £1 million stock which is all barcoded in and out, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind, concentrate on more important areas of your business and still save 10% plus on your spend – what have you got to lose?