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Polythene UK Launches Consultancy Service

Polythene UK Launches Consultancy Service

Polythene film and bag broker Polythene UK has launched a new consultancy service to help companies review their purchases, who they are buying from and their delivery requirements.

Via the free service, which launched this month, companies will receive a report on their polythene operations that will outlining potential savings and improvements.

Polythene UK came up with the idea for its new consultancy division after being asked to work with a blue-chip multinational company on a consultancy basis.

Polythene UK’s managing director James Woollard said: “Most companies have been buying the same product at the same price for 10 years, but polythene has moved on a lot since then.”

The broker said it can save companies around 20% of their polythene expenditure by sourcing co-extruded polythene, which is multi-layered and which the company said is stronger and thinner than regular polythene.

Woollard added: “If my team and I can show a company a saving of 20% plus, which I am confident we can, it would make sense for them to use Polythene UK as their broker to advance purchase all of their polythene, which we would do for only 10%.”

The Polythene UK consultancy service includes advice on the best time financially to buy material, purchasing the product on behalf of the company, storing a three-month supply for the company and distributing the product on behalf of the company anywhere in the UK within two to three days.

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(News Source: Printweek)