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It’s in the Bag!

It’s in the Bag!

If you’ve ever fancied watching how a compostable bag actually composts, then visit Polythene UK (stand 310) where you’ll find a video showing you just how it works. If you think this might be akin to watching paint dry, do not worry; although it was filmed over 10 days, the footage is sped up to show the entire life-cycle process in Just two minutes.

“We want to show people the incredibly short life-cycle of our compostable Polycomp bags and to demonstrate how easily they can switch to these greener bags,” explains managing director of Polythene UK, James Woollard. The biopolymers used in the bags consist mainly are disposed of in composting sites. Biodegradation within the bags takes place as soon as microorganisms are present, and the process is accelerated even further when the temperature is increased. The company is currently working with councils on these bags and hopes to persuade a major retailer to take Polycomp bags on in 2010. Woollard also talks about compostable PE being used for mailing films for Sunday supplements and magazines. “The World Wildlife Fund has already adopted this film to bag its magazine and made a marketing choice to pay more for the green benefits it delivers,” says Woollard.

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