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Providers Of Europe’s Highest Film Yields

Providers Of Europe’s Highest Film Yields

Polythene UK’s new range of stretch films provides the highest yields in Europe

A new range of machine stretch films launched by Polythene UK, the largest broker of polythene film and bags in the UK, promises to provide the highest film yields in Europe.

The machine stretch films (‘fold over pre stretched machine film’ & ‘300% power stretch film’) are designed to be used with the two types of pallet wrappers that are currently being used in the market place today, these being the ‘Standard core break’ turntable, and the ‘Power pre-stretch’ turntable.

For the ‘Standard core break’ machines the market typically supplies a standard machine film, which is approximately 1,700 meters per roll. However, Polythene UK’s new machine stretch film for this type of pallet wrapper, self-titled ‘fold over pre-stretched machine film,’ provides nearly double that per a roll.

James Woollard, Polythene UK’s Managing Director explains: “For the ‘Standard core break’ turntables we stretch our machine film from 20mu to 10mu, which results in approximately 3,000 meters per roll. Whilst at the same time we fold over the edges so it remains 20 mu on the top and the bottom, resulting in the customer getting 43% more film.”

Polythene UK’s other machine stretch film (‘300% power stretch film’) is suitable for the ‘Power pre-stretch’ turntables, again providing the user with a very cost effective solution. James comments: “For these machines we don’t supply our ‘fold over pre-stretched machine film,’ like we do for the ‘Standard core break’ turntables, for these machines we supply a down gauged 5-layer film on a heavy duty lightweight core, which offers a 20% saving in yield.”

And the cost savings don’t stop there for the customer. Polythene UK also supply their own range of stretch-wrap turntables. Firstly there’s Polythene UK’s ‘Standard stretch-wrap’ turntable. This machine is cost effective, can wrap awkward loads, and makes the best use of the company’s new ‘fold over pre-stretched machine film.’

Secondly there’s Polythene UK’s ‘Power stretch’ turntable, a more advanced machine, designed for companies who pallet wrap on a larger scale, and a machine that makes full use of their new ‘300% power stretch film.’ James adds: “Power stretch is the most cost effective method of stretch wrapping pallets and gives the best load containment. Our ‘300% power stretch’ film is fed through a set of four rollers before the machine stretch film is then tied to the bottom of the pallet. When the machine is started, the rollers come away from each other stretching the film by up to a massive 300%.”

James advises any company wrapping a sufficient number of pallets a day to invest in their new range of machine stretch films. He concludes: “We guarantee to provide customers with the highest film yields in Europe, and on a like for like basis we’re the cheapest around for this type of film. Plus we’re offering one of our turntable machines for free for any company signing a 3 year deal to use our machine stretch film.”

To find out any more information about Polythene UK’s new set of machine stretch films or our range of stretch-wrap turntables please call the number below.