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Save With Superior Shrink Pallet Covers

Save With Superior Shrink Pallet Covers

Polylite-LogoReduce your costs and your carbon footprint with our Shrink Pallet Covers

Polythene UK has launched a range of polythene shrink covers available in its new ‘Polylite material’. This promises users 20 per cent savings in both costs and carbon.

The pallet covers are essentially produced from standard pe but are ‘made in a superior way compared to traditional methods’.

Polythene UK says that its manufacturing methods enable the company to produce a multi-layered, tough, lightweight, easy-to-apply film that offers ‘great strength at lower gauges whilst reducing the weight of pe consumption’.

The typical effect of this is ‘the massive 20 per cent savings’ noted earlier.

Elaborates James Woollard, managing director of Polythene UK: “Never has so much been achieved by so little. Our shrink pallet covers can reduce the weight of pe consumption by 20 per cent – leading to less material waste going into our landfill system, and thus significantly reducing the user’s carbon footprint.

“It’s a terrific product that provides the ultimate ‘transit and storage packing’ solution, saving users money, decreasing their carbon footprint, and tackling the problem of pe waste.”

The pallet covers come in shrink and non-shrink versions, different sizes, and can be printed in up to eight colours. For every initial order placed, Polythene UK is also giving away a free heat-shrink gas gun.

(Source: Retail Packaging)