Hand Pallet Wrap

Hand Pallet Wrap

What is Hand Pallet Wrap?

Hand pallet wrap is a clear, stretchable film that is used to protect goods on pallets whilst in storage and transit. It is mostly clear (so that goods inside can be viewed), although coloured options are also available.

Does Polythene UK Supply Hand Pallet Wrap?

Yes, we supply a wide range of Stretch Wraps and Films, including Machine Stretch Film, Spiral Wrap, Agricultural Stretch Wrap, and more.

How Strong are your Stretch Films?

We have some of the lightest and strongest polythene films and wraps in the world. Light-weight and extremely strong, our hand pallet wrap (and other films) use a material called Polylite. Polylite is an extremely tough material that gives you noticeable cost-savings when compared to alternative polythene packaging materials, due to reduced weight and consumption.

Our pallet film expands to twice its original length to maximise economy (and minimise cost). It retains its high performance and strength thanks to the fold-over edges.

The Benefits of our Film

Polythene UK stretch wrap combines strength, versatility and ease of application, maximising efficiency and your profits.

Using our Polylite Polythene film means that less film needs to be applied to each pallet to secure goods. This reduction in yield means less weight, which means less cost to you. It also takes less time to secure each pallet, meaning valuable manhours are also saved. Waste is also minimised, helping to lower your company’s carbon footprint.

How is Hand Pallet Wrap applied?

Predictably, hand pallet wrap film is applied manually. A handheld dispenser is used to hold the roll of film whilst the pallet is wrapped, either by walking around the pallet, or by spinning the pallet on a turntable.

Are there quicker ways to apply the film?

With larger scale operations, the need to speed up the wrapping process is often needed. In this case, machine stretch film is used, and pallets are wrapped by automated pallet wrappers.

For more information on our stretch films and wraps, please contact us today.