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Pallet Wrap Your Products With Polythene UK

Pallet Wrap Your Products With Polythene UK

Pallet covers play a crucial role in goods transportation. Distribution channels can be lengthy, exposing transported goods to risk of damage. Delicate items, such as glass bottles, can risk being broken in transit, while food products should be preserved against vermin and other outside forces during transportation.

To prevent damage during transportation and storage, pallet wrap your products with Polythene UK.

Pallet covers

Pallet covers are used across a wide range of industries to secure transported goods. Typically made of polythene, pallet covers come in a large variety of specifications; success pallet wrap is both strong and thin, ensuring value for cost. High quality polythene manufacturers can achieve this balance using industry technology to drive increasingly thin polythene pallet covers without sacrificing strength or versatility.

Consider your specific needs before purchasing polythene pallet wrap. Heavier items will require strong pallet wrap, for example. Longer transportation distances and adverse weather conditions might also require stronger polythene. If you’re wrapping large items, requiring more pallet wrap, you might consider the cost of the pallet wrap more closely.

Pallet wrap your products with Polythene UK

Our Polylite polythene pallet covers have been specifically designed for their strength and ease of application. Polylite is a specific polythene manufactured by us for the perfect balance between toughness and weight, ensuring a strong, lightweight product at industry-leading prices.

Available in Shrink and Non-Shrink in sizes up to air cargo pallet cover dimensions, our Polylite polythene pallet covers are suitable for almost any industry. Protect your products during transit and save in the process with our high quality alternative to substandard polythene packaging. 20% lighter but just as strong as ordinary polythene, Polylite delivers up to 20% financial savings.

Bags and Covers range:

  • Sizes: 300mm to 4000mm wide
  • Thicknesses: 12.5mu to 400mu

Bags can be supplied:

  • Loose as singles
  • In boxes of 10kg to 15kg or in pallet boxes
  • Perforated on the Roll: approx 15kg to 35kg
  • Printed up to 8 colours

At Polythene UK we’re genuinely passionate about polythene. This is how we are able to manufacture the industry-leading polythene pallet covers for which we are renowned. Pallet wrap your products with Polythene UK for the protection your goods deserve, ensuring quality products at competitive prices.

To talk to us about our leading range of pallet wrap and pallet covers, call Polythene UK on 0845 643 1601* or contact us here.