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Stretch Film

Stretch Film

What is Stretch Wrap / Stretch Film?

Stretch Wrap (or Stretch Film) is a protective wrap that stretches to wrap closely around goods such as pallets and boxes – ideal for transporting products en masse in a safe and secure manner. Stretch film can be applied by hand or by machine, depending on the size of the pallet and the goods being transported.

Does Polythene UK Supply Stretch Wrap?

Polythene UK does indeed supply stretch wrap, and a number of different types, too. We can provide you with hand pallet wrap, spiral wrap, pallet wrappers, agricultural stretch wrap, and machine stretch film. All of these are made from the highest quality material.

How Strong Is Stretch Wrap?

Polythene UK offer some of the strongest yet lightest polythene stretch wraps in the world. Lightweight yet extremely strong and multi-layered, our stretch wraps use a material called Polylite. This Polylite material is extremely tough and provides tangible cost-saving benefits in comparison to other high quality packaging products. We understand the importance of ensuring goods are safe in transit, so our stretch wrap ensures that pallets and boxes are adequately protected.

The Benefits of Our Stretch Wrap

– High quality.
– Our Polylite is tough & lightweight, guaranteeing cost savings and increased sustainability.
– Our Polyair material is 100% recyclable & carbon negative.
– Easy application.
– Highest film yields in Europe.

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