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Face2Face: Donna Rivera

Face2Face: Donna Rivera


Job Title: Sales Manager

Role: To oversea the senior sales team

Interests: I love travelling and my favourite places so far are Mexico, Las Vegas and New York. I also enjoy mini breaks and like to travel to interesting cities.

I have just been to ‘Fitness Fiesta’ all weekend on a fitness course as I love to work out and I’m a member of Witney Lakes Resort. My favourite class is spinning but I do circuits and running too.

Likes: The most important things in my life are my family and friends and I totally love my dog Poppy, even though she is quite naughty at times. I’ve been with Polythene UK since the beginning. I helped start up the company so I have a strong bond with everyone here and I am very proud of where we are today.

I also have a passion for interior design; I am currently doing a course in my spare time. I love all aspects of homes and designs and watch every house programme you can possibly think of. Sarah Beeny is a role model for me and I would like to renovate an older property so I can put my personal stamp on it.

Dislikes: Bad time keeping, lying, cruelty to animals.

If you could have any super power what would it be? Super power, um I think it would have to be the ability to heal so everyone is happy!

If you could compare yourself to any cartoon character which one would it be? It would have to be Minnie Mouse, my niece loves her and my sister says that I can dance like her ha ha!