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A few winter warmers for local children’s charity

Last month saw James in a cold field on the outskirts of Witney with a mountain to climb

He was there to meet Andy McCulloch from children’s charity ‘Adventure Plus’ who was proudly showing James the uniforms that a £1500 sponsorship from Polythene UK and Evergreen Energy Solutions has brought. The new uniforms consist of polo shirts, fleeces and waterproof jackets for the Adventure Plus team leaders.

Adventure Plus have worked with over 35,000 young people and adults through outdoor adventures since 1990, including some of the most vulnerable in our society. They are supported by more than 350 volunteers and many individuals, charitable trusts and churches.

“One of the most exciting charities around for inspiring young people to get out there, grab life & live boldly!” Bear Grylls, Patron

Their greatest asset, so we are told, is the team of activity instructors, both staff and volunteers, who are passionate about encouraging the 5,000 young people they work with each year, enabling adventure & education in a positive Christian environment.

Andy told us, “The new Adventure Plus uniforms are a winner – keeping our instructors warm, dry, happy and able to focus on the children, especially at this time of year. The sponsorship from Polythene UK and Evergreen Energy Solutions ensures even more children and young people can be helped through outdoor adventures and I would like to say a huge thank you from us all.”