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A New Resource for Oxfordshire Businesses

Oxfordshire Skills BoardFind out about new business resource: The Oxfordshire Skills Board

Our unique NEET approach to recruitment is not only recognised and respected across the county, our official ‘Apprentice Training Program’ is now fully supported by the Job Centre Plus and Abingdon and Witney College. The Job Centre identifies candidates who they feel would be suitable for our bespoke training scheme and the Abingdon and Witney College take them one day a week as part of the course.

Such has been our success in creating genuine opportunities for young people in Oxfordshire that James was asked to join the Oxfordshire Skills Board which is run by Oxfordshire County Council and the Learning Enterprise Partnership.

The Oxfordshire Skills Board brings together a wide range of public and private employers, secondary, further and higher education skills providers and stakeholder groups. Working closely with the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the OSB is driven to achieve improvements in the skills available to Oxfordshire’s employers and the learning opportunities available to students, residents and workforce.

The board will develop a Skills Needs Analysis in order to understand the needs of employers and providers in Oxfordshire relating to business development, employment and skills issues which impact on the economic wellbeing of the area.

Skills Needs Analysis

Oxfordshire Skills Board will develop a strategic and coordinated approach to skill development in Oxfordshire to:

  • Ensure that all residents are able to develop the skills that enable them to successfully enter and remain in the workforce
  • Assist local employers to develop or access the training they require to equip their workforce with the skills they need
  • Enable all residents to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Oxfordshire Skills Board is facilitated and supported by Oxfordshire County Council Economy and Skills Team