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Face2Face – Alex Cronley

Face2Face – Alex Cronley

This month we are featuring:  Alex Cronley

Job Title: Apprentice Telemarketer

Role: Finding the sales team new users of polythene who are not on our system that we could potentially supply. I contact prospects and leads and identify the specifications of the polythene packaging they are using (quantity, size, price they are currently paying, type of packaging, thickness etc). I follow up with an email quote and any further information required. I then arrange a convenient time and date for a call back. I also add new quotes and NUIs to the system and raise orders.

Interests: I love FOOD & WINE! I love spending time with my friends and a good night out.

Likes:  Holiday! I went on my first holiday abroad this year, I loved it. If I could go anywhere in the world it would definitely be back to America again!

Dislikes: People who think the world of themselves. I can’t stand people who are vain and think they are better than others.

If you could have any super power what would it be? Time travel! Obviously to check the lottery numbers in advance!

If you could compare yourself to any cartoon character which one would it be? Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, I loved that film when I was younger; I was obsessed!

What do you like about working with Polythene UK? I like working at Polythene UK mainly because I work with my best friend Iza (also an apprentice telemarketer). But also everyone was friendly and so welcoming when I first started. It always has a nice atmosphere in the office and always a good laugh. Everyone here is so easy to get along with, always playing pranks on each other which helps to make our day more interesting! (Although we do work hard!).