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Polythene UK launches bespoke KPI reporting

Polythene UK launches bespoke KPI reporting

Find out about Taurus, our new KPI reporting system

This exciting initiative is now ‘live’. Module 1 – Telesales Monitoring has now been launched with modules 2–6 soon to follow.

We have always employed strict monitoring protocols, but up until now we’ve had to do large parts of this manually. Various computer systems that didn’t speak to each other meant we had to bridge the gap with spreadsheets which required manual data entry.

We commissioned Taurus to help us give you, our customers, the most efficient service possible. Soon, 85% of all monitoring and reporting will be done by this new software, freeing up valuable time which our dedicated sales team will spend ensuring that every one of our customers and prospects receive the very highest levels of service.

Everything we do from telesales KPI monitoring through to delivery and stats on sales/margin/delivery success (on time/not on time) will be done by this new system, therefore our staff will only have to get involved as and when something happens that requires their specific attention.

At all other times we can now dedicate our full attention to making sure our customers:

  • Are kept informed
  • Never run out of polythene
  • Never feel let down.

About Taurus

Module 1 – Telesales Monitoring

  • Monitors all calls made by the PUK sales team
  • Reports on the amount of calls made to both clients and prospects
  • Reports on the duration of calls made to both clients and prospects

taurus kpi reporting system

I want to ensure that our customer service is second to none – it’s a proven fact that it’s not simply the amount of calls made by our sales team, but the quality of those calls that build great customer relationships.

The following modules are currently being written and are due for release soon:

Module 2 – Quoting and new users identified

  • Reports on numbers of quotes to existing customers
  • Reports on numbers of quotes to new prospects
  • Reports on average gross profit margin
  • Reports on conversion rates from quotes to sales
  • Ensures that we meet our targetsModule 3 – Sales analysis

Module 4 – Customer service (delivery statistics)
Module 5 – Customer satisfaction survey
Module 6 – Customer dial-in platform

As you can see, we are as committed as ever to improving not only our working practices, but also our response to our customers requirements.

For more information on our KPI reporting system, or for any other enquiries, please contact us today!