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Poythene UK Supports SpecialEffect

Poythene UK Supports SpecialEffect

The Poly team tread burning coals and broken glass for local charity SpecialEffect

James, Debbie, Jack, Tom and Natalie each braved the elements and conquered their fears by walking over 20 feet of burning wood embers at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit and across 20 feet of razor sharp shards from two thousand broken wine bottles. Overall, nearly £10,000 was raised for one of Witney’s most worthwhile charities, SpecialEffect.

Firewalking With the Charity SpecialEffect | UK Polythene & Pallet Cover Supplier

SpecialEffect is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to enjoy computer games and creative technologies, which have an incredible influence on their motivation, confidence and quality of life.

Jack Mungall, pictured doing the fire walk said, “Standing at the end of the embers waiting to go was a bit daunting, but walking the fire was amazing, the adrenaline surge you get makes you want to go straight back round and do it again – added to that the fact we were raising money for a very worthy cause made the whole experience worthwhile”.

Alison Hilborne from Special Effects said, “What an amazing event, everyone was magnificent and we are so grateful for the Polythene UK team’s sheer get-up-and-go. We have been overwhelmed by how much the event has raised and really appreciate all their hard work”.

Special Effect joins Sobell House and Base 33 as local charities that are being supported by Polythene UK.

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