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Some You Lose – With Us You Win!

Some You Lose – With Us You Win!

As ever I have my beady eye on new and innovative ways of improving our product offering. The question I ask myself is ‘How can we improve on the quality and price of our products?’

Constantly researching the market and careful relationship building with world-leading manufacturers of raw polythene materials, have made us what we are today. However, like the course of true love, this process doesn’t always run smoothly…

I recently thought I was on to a winner when I was given a price 20% less than anything we have in our current product line – this needed to be looked into.

I invested £1,000 to buy a pallet of film (the minimum sample amount I could order) and a further £1,300 to fly it over from China. Once we had the pallet, we put the material through our stringent testing processes. Unfortunately the quality of the new 17mu film did not stand up to our current 10mu 7 layer product.

So as things stand the best all round product of this category on the market today, is what we already offer to you.

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I am a firm believer in the old adage that ‘You have to speculate to accumulate’ so I have already been in touch with another 2 suppliers and currently am awaiting more samples for testing. If successful we will have the most cost effective hand rolls ever – and it will be an immediate winner for all of us. Watch this space!

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