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New Product Release – Polylite™ Carpet and Hard Floor Protection Tape

Now available NEW Polylite™ Carpet and Hard Floor Protection Tape

We are now stocking a new range of carpet and hard floor protection tapes made from our exclusive Polylite film, which as you know ensures, on average, a 20% cost saving and 20% reduction in your carbon footprint.

Our high performance protection tapes offer essential protection to a variety of floor types and additional safety when covering stair treads. They vary in thickness and adhesion levels to suit your application needs and offer excellent protection, puncture and tear resistance.

The PUK difference:

Our protection tapes are reverse wound for ease of application. The adhesive is on the outside of the reel allowing you to simply unspool from the roll and affix directly to the surface.

These products are recommended for the protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage that may occur during processing, storage and mounting. For example protection of carpets in show homes or exhibition halls.
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  • Reverse wound for easy application – sticky on the outside of the reel
  • Boxed with suspension core to protect outside stick and avoid damage in transit
  • Flame retardant (and non flame retardant) available
  • Can be printed with your own branding
  • Available from stock

Coming soon in 2015 ‘Carbon neutral’ carpet and hard floor protection tape made from Polyair™

Technical Details for Flame Retardant Carpet film (also non FR available)

Description of the product           

Film backing:        Polyethylene
Colour:                 Clear
Adhesive type:     Water based acrylic

Technical data                          
Thickness:                                                45µm                             (QMP 21)
Peel adhesion to stainless steel:      1.95 +/-0,4 N/cm           (QMP 02)
Breaking strength:                                                                         (QMP 03)
Machine Direction (MD):                                               >17
N/mm² Transverse Direction (TD):                               >11
Elongation at break
Machine direction (MD):                                         >400 %
Transverse direction (TD):                                      >550 %

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