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PM Opens New Sustainable Oxfordshire Office

PM Opens New Sustainable Oxfordshire Office

Prime Minister David Cameron opens our new, fully sustainable office building

David Cameron was guest of honour in Oxfordshire on Friday to officially open Polythene UK’s new fully sustainable office building.

Polythene UK are one of the country’s leading packaging experts, known for being the most environmentally friendly commercial entity in the polythene industry, tying in neatly with one of David Cameron’s first declarations as Prime Minister; to create ‘the greenest government ever.’

Polythene UK are currently carbon negative and have just moved into their new offices based in Witney, which are equipped with a complete first class, renewable system, meaning that the offices are fully self-sustaining. On top of this, the firm is the sole distributor of Polylite, Polyair and Polycomp – three packaging products that provide exciting environmentally and financially beneficial alternatives to standard polythene. They also won ‘The Oxfordshire County Council Energy & Environment Award’ at the 2013 Oxfordshire Business Awards held last month.

David Cameron gave much praise on the company’s green-mission during his visit on Friday, complimenting the new sustainable office building and the eco-packaging products that Polythene UK provide. The Prime Minister said: “The new office building is fantastic and I am pleased to hear just how environmentally friendly it is. With their new offices and products Polythene UK are certainly proving their green credentials and I hope that other UK businesses will feel inspired to follow in their footsteps.”

James Woollard, managing director at Polythene UK, commented: “It’s been an absolute honour to have David Cameron come down to open the new sustainable office building. It’s fantastic that we’re being recognised for our green efforts.”
James continued: “CSR is becoming a key trend within the industry right now and we’re lucky enough to be able to help our clients carry out their green agendas by providing real green solutions. Consideration for our impact on the environment will continue to be our main focus from both operational and industrial viewpoints.”

The new 8,000 sq ft office building that Polythene UK have moved into is completely self-sustaining. Starting off, the building has a 25 kW Solar PV System that delivers 22,000 kWh of electricity per year. It is this system that powers the 300 litre Ecocent Air to Water Heat Pump, the two 25 kW Air Source Heat Pumps, the 26 Thermovec Radiators and the LED Lighting. All systems were designed, manufactured, and installed by Oxfordshire based manufacturer Earth Save Products Ltd.

Alongside all this, Polythene UK are also reprocessing rainwater through two water butts, recycling all of their paper, envelopes and printer cartridges as well as having fitted Econospeed into all of their delivery vehicles to save on fuel by 15% as well as to reduce wear and tear.

James concluded: “We fully intend, as an industry leader, to set the environmental standards for others to follow. Our mission is to be as carbon-positive as possible, which is why we’ve heavily invested in the new fully-sustainable office building as well as product innovation.”

For more information on Polythene UK, their green agenda and how they can assist with your corporate social responsibility, then simply phone 0845 643 1601 or email [email protected].