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A lightweight film that packs a heavy saving

A lightweight film that packs a heavy saving

While we are featuring environmental benefits – its time to remind you all about our 12mu Polylite machine film which offers a massive 40% more film per roll than the 17mu equivalent for the same reel weights!

Our 12mu rolls come supplied: 500mm x 2540m x 12mu-250% Cast PPS-46 rls per pallet.

If you are currently using the 17mu rolls, ring our sales team NOW to see what you could save both on the price and your carbon footprint.

Examples of cost savings for the same meterage as 17mu:

Equivalent Roll price to 17mu @ £18.70/rl

Equivalent Tonne price @ £1147/tn

We are so confident this product will work for you, we will supply you with pallets on a sale or return basis.

 Polylite Machine Film