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Form Fill and Seal

Exceptional form fill and seal

We provide form fill and seal packaging ideal for cereal, dried foods, animal feed, and other perishable items. Form fill and seal packaging is specifically designed to provide airtight containment for food and drink products so they reach the shelves in top condition. Our exclusive recipe means we can offer stronger, thinner polythene compared to industry standards for real savings on quality packaging.

Supplying form fill and seal packaging internationally

In addition to our superior polythene recipe, we distribute to manufacturers throughout the UK and abroad, so you can benefit from our products wherever you are.

form fill and seal

Exclusive polythene recipe for stronger, thinner packaging

Our form fill and seal polythene is specifically engineered for strength. This means it can be used to produce packaging up to 10% thinner than any other form fill and seal polythene available on the market.

Stronger, thinner packaging means direct savings for you – up to 10% compared to standard form fill and seal polythenes.

Guaranteeing freshness from door to door

Because our packaging is stronger, you can rely on it to stay airtight. This has a number of benefits your business, including reduced returns, better brand image, and increased buyer confidence.

No rips, no tears, no loose seals or risk of contamination, just quality products that stay fresh and look great.

Product specifications

Our form fill and seal packaging is available in the following ranges:

  • Size: 600mm wide before folding/300mm after folding
  • Thicknesses: 20mu

Packaging can be supplied:

  • Printed in up to 10 colours giving photographic quality using water-based ink

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