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Cast Machine Stretch Film

Cast Machine Stretch Film

We are launching our new Cast Machine Stretch Film

Cast Machine Stretch FilmThis new cast machine stretch film is targeted at semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. Due to its down-gauged profile, it offers all the strength, load holding characteristics, and performance levels of a conventional 20 μ stretch wrap, but from a film profile that’s only 10 μ in thickness.

As well as the obvious environmental benefit of this lighter film, the thinner profile enables more film on a standard reel, which reduces the number of deliveries and associated CO2 emissions, while facilitating greater efficiency.

James Woollard, Managing Director says: “Because our cast machine stretch film has a thinner profile, this enables more film to be wound per roll and, in turn, more pallets per reel to be wrapped. In addition to saving up to 43% on wrapping costs, this greater length of film per roll also means fewer stoppages for reel changes, maximising productivity.”

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