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Films & Tubes

Polythene Films

Our range of polythene films is extensive, and they are all available in our superior Polylite material that saves you money – without sacrificing quality.

Superb strength and performance right across the range, including shrink film, mailing film, flame-retardant polythene and lay flat tubing.

Lay Flat Tubing

Our lay flat tubing is a Polylite polythene tube on a roll which, cut and sealed to length, makes it ideal for packaging long items.

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Flame Retardant Shrink Film

Flame retardant shrink film offers protection against heat and fire for added security in many packaging and wrapping requirements.

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Collation Shrink Film

Exceptional choice of plain and printed collation shrink-wrap products for all your pack collation requirements.

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Mailing and Poly-Wrap Film

For mailpacks and other protective applications, poly-wrap film has the versatility to suit many requirements.

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Polyolefin Shrink Film

We supply superb quality double-oriented thermoshrinkable polyolefin film. A multi-purpose film with exceptional tensile strength, tear resistance, high shrinkage performance, good optics and excellent hot slip properties.

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We also provide the following films and tubes…

Tubular Film

An ideal method to secure and protect palleted products. Tubular films offer both simplicity and strength for the toughest tasks.

Stretch Hooding

Designed to expand to cover product packs before contracting for a secure fit without the use of heat to shrink the film.

Form Fill and Seal Films

Rolls of Polylite polythene film are available from stock for Form Fill and Seal (FFS) packaging machines.

Scaffold Sheet Wrap

or construction and renovation projects our flame retardant shrink film can be used to protect buildings and help contain dust and debris.

DPMs and General Builders Film

Damp-proof membranes and other specialised builders film for use in the property construction and renovation market.

EVA, High Clarity and Clean Room Film

We offer a range of specialist film including Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film, as well as high clarity and clean room film.

Lamination Film

Low-melt laminating film designed for the lamination of documents for their protection and improved appearance.

Recycled Film

Recycled film made from regranulated polythene provide a cost-effective and greener alternative for many industrial applications.

Crop and Maize Film

Sowing crops such as maize through polythene film improves yields and advances crop maturity for an earlier harvest.

Embossed Film

Embossed film have many applications including industrial mould-release films and food-grade vacuum pouches.

Automatic Bag Film and Tubes

We supply polythene material in film and tube form and in a variety of sizes and grades for automatic bag-making equipment.