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Stretch Hood Pallet Covers

Secure packaging with stretch hood pallet covers

Stabilise your pallets with stretch hood pallet covers and hold your products fast. The high integrity of stretch hood wrapping provides the greatest level of protection to your pallets, minimising the typical damage to loads brought about by unwanted movement.

No breakages, no crushing, no damage – just quality products, ready for storage or shipping.

Polythene suppliers with international reach

Not only are stretch hood pallet covers the most secure way to package your products – with international partners including Braskem and Groupe Barbier, you know your pallets are in safe hands.


Simply install into your stretch hood lines

Our rolls are light, easy-to-handle, and engineered for high performance.

Application is fully automatic. Install them into your lines and the machines will do the rest, stretching the covers tightly down the length of the pallet for maximum security.

Save money by protecting your product and reducing returns

By preventing the shifting, ripping, and crushing damage that pallet loads commonly suffer during transportation, stretch hood pallet covers reduce costly returns.

They also protect the value of stock kept in storage by preventing the likelihood of damp and pest damage.

Product specifications

Our stretch hood pallet covers are available in the following ranges:

  • Sizes: Custom to your requirements
  • Thicknesses: PL100 – PL250mm

Covers can be supplied:

  • Roll / kg / metre
  • Printed up to 8 colours and tints

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