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Tough, Lightweight Polythene

Polylite™ is an extremely tough, lightweight polythene material that gives you substantial cost savings compared to alternative polythene packaging materials.

We are proud to say that Polythene UK has exclusive rights to distribute Polylite packaging throughout the UK.

Typically, by delivering the same strength from a thinner multi-layered product, Polylite can reduce the weight of your polythene consumption by 20% – leading to less plastic waste going into our landfill system and resulting in a reduction in client cost.

As well as saving you up to 20% in financial costs, Polylite also significantly reduces your carbon footprint. By using Polylite you’ll be saving money and saving the environment.

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This product has all the strength and versatility required and is used across our full product range of bags, covers, tubes, films, wraps and stretch film.

Contact our helpful sales personnel to find out how you can benefit from switching to Polylite, based on your current product specifications.

Simply send us a current sample of your regular polythene, including the specification and details of the required application, and we will be able to advise you on the optimum Polylite solution, ensuring you the best cost and environmental savings.

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