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Wraps & Films from Polythene UK

Wraps & Films from Polythene UK

We supply a wide range of films and wraps for a diverse range of industries.

In this blog post we discuss some of the many films and wraps available from Polythene UK, and the specific uses for each!

Machine Stretch Film

Our machine stretch film is clear, highly stretchable, and guarantees the highest yields in Europe. Used as a cost-effective and secure pallet wrapping material, it is applied by pallet wrapping machine (as opposed to manual hand dispenser). Machine stretch film is perfect for medium to large scale operations and high volumes pallet quantities.

Hand Pallet Wrap

Hand pallet wrap is a stretchable transparent film that is used to protect goods on pallets whilst in storage and transit. A handheld dispenser is used to apply the film to goods on pallets, securing them against the pallet and each other. Hand pallet wrap is perfect for small to mid-sized operations.

Agricultural Stretch Wrap

Designed especially for agriculture, this stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping straw, hay, maize and grass. Like our other Polylite products, this stretch wrap provides a 20% weight saving when compared to traditional polythene wrap. This produces a greatly improved ROI.

Silage Stretch Wrap

This polythene wrap is designed to keep silage safe and secure. With excellent sealing properties, our silage stretch wrap makes the storage and transportation of silage, pain free.

Lay Flat Tubing

For the neat and efficient packaging of long items, our lay flat tubing is perfect. Supplied on rolls, it can be cut to the desired length and sealed, to securely protect long/thin items for storage and transport. Standard tubing is supplied clear, although other colour options are available.

Flame Retardant Shrink Film

We are the first major UK distributor of Flame Retardant Shrink Film. We can apply flame retardant properties across our whole product range. Film with heat and fire resistance mean that our shrink films can be used for a range of applications, including major construction projects (scaffold sheet wrap, etc).

Collation Shrink Film

Our collation shrink film is ideal for packaging food and drinks, ensuring clean and safe storage and transportation. The most common application is can or tin multipacks. We also offer printed collation film, meaning food/drinks packaging can be fully branded.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

Polyolefin shrink film is a multi-purpose film with exceptional tensile strength, tear resistance, high shrinkage performance, good optics and excellent hot slip properties. Polyolefin is perfect for both manual and automatic high-speed machines.

Spiral Wrap

Polythene spiral wrap is designed to protect larger/longer items like furniture and industrial equipment. Supplied on rolls, it can be used to protect items of any shape and size.

This is just a small selection of our many films and wraps. If you are unsure whether we can supply the right film for your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.