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Damp-Proof Membrane Sheets

Damp-proof membrane sheets for secure sites

Protect building interiors, construction projects, and flooring from moisture and water seepage with high-performance damp-proof membrane sheeting. Our sheeting is made from strong, water-resistant polythene that prevents against damp and mould (including asbestos). Specially designed polythene ensures the sheets can resist puncture, tears, and rips. So you can keep your sites dry and your projects on track.

Providing solutions to the construction industry

Since 2007 we have supplied the construction industry with superior polythene sheeting and films. Keep your site secure and dry with specialist damp-proof membrane sheets you can depend on.

damp proof membrane sheets


Specifically designed for ease of use across your projects

Our sheeting can be used in a variety of ways and is easy to apply.

For groundwork, simply place the sheeting under your flooring to create a barrier between the ground and your interior.

To protect building interiors from wind and rain, attach the sheeting to site entrances. Cover open doorways, window spaces, and other gaps completely to create a tough yet flexible barrier between your site and the elements.

Secure sites mean better working conditions

Enable your teams to work more easily and meet project deadlines with stable working conditions.

Contain asbestos and other hazardous materials for safe disposal.

Secure construction materials against breakages, damp, and rot.

Protect your work for efficient use of time, resources, and reputation.

Product specifications

Our damp-proof membrane sheets are available in the following sizes and thicknesses:

  • Sizes: Standard industry size
  • Thicknesses: 1000g-2000g

Sheeting is supplied:

  • Minimum order size: 1 roll
  • Printed in black, white, or blue

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