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Single Wound Sheeting

Single wound sheeting for every sector

Our exclusive Polylite™ single wound sheeting enables you to package a wide variety of pallets and products with up to 20% savings compared to standard polythene. Single wound sheeting is hugely versatile, with applications including pallet covers, top sheets, and heat-shrink packaging. This means every sector can benefit from our high-performance, reduced cost single wound sheeting, securing your products and your budgets.

Supplying businesses throughout the UK and Europe

Businesses throughout the UK and Europe are already benefitting from our high-strength, reduced-cost sheeting. Join them for packaging savings and better business.


Easy to apply across a wide range of packaging lines

In addition to be stronger and more cost-effective, single wound sheeting is easy to apply across a wide range of applications.

For optimum results, use an automated application process.

Simply introduce the rolls to your existing lines for secure packaging and last protection.

Reduce your packaging costs by up to 20%

Improve the quality and reduce the cost of your packaging with Polylite™ single wound sheeting, specifically designed for increased strength and reduced thickness.

Lighter polythene means reduced material consumption. This translates into better environmental qualities and cost savings of up to 20% for your business. To further reduce the environmental impact our packaging, we also offer Polyair™, providing businesses with a carbon-negative alternative to standard polythene.

Choose from one or both of these exclusive materials to improve your business today.

Product specifications

Our single wound sheeting is available in the following sizes and thicknesses.

  • Sizes: 54mm-3,800mm
  • Thicknesses: 12mu-250mu

Sheeting is supplied:

  • Minimum order size: 1 roll
  • Roll / kg / metre
  • Printed up to 8 colours and tints

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