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Pallet Top Sheets

Pallet Top Sheets

Cover your palletised loads with pallet top sheets and provide a base layer of protection against dust and moisture. Can be used in conjunction with stretch wrapping, providing twice the security. Our exclusive Polylite™ material means our pallet sheets are amongst the lightest and most cost-effective currently available. Keep your packaging costs down while storing and shipping your products with confidence.

Supplying sheets internationally

As well as providing high-performance top sheets, we also ship internationally, supplying companies throughout Europe with increased security for their pallets.


Applying pallet top sheets is easy

They are quick and easy to use; simply lay over the pallet to provide a base layer of protection against dust and damp.

For increased palletised security, apply stretch wrapping around the pallet and top sheet. This will increase the toughness and stability of your load – ideal when preparing products for long-term storage or long-haul transportation.

Both pallet top sheets and stretch wrapping application can be manual or automated.

Save up to 20% on your packaging costs

Polylite™ is designed as a tougher, thinner alternative to standard polythene. Because it is thinner, this material can give savings of up to 20%.

Polyair™ is also available as a green alternative to traditional polythene. This bio-based material improves the environmental impact of packaging and supply chains.

Pallet top sheets that incorporate both of these materials provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Product specifications

Our pallet top sheets are available in the following sizes and thicknesses.

  • Sizes: 900/1800x1800mm
  • Thicknesses: PL20mu

Liners are supplied:

  • Minimum order size: 1 roll
  • Perforated on the roll
  • Available in a natural tint as standard

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