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Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls

Mini stretch wrap rolls for bespoke packaging

Protect your smallest products against breakages, pests, and contamination with mini stretch wrap rolls, specially designed to fit non-standard sized items. The size and thickness of the polythene is engineered to cover smaller items, making it easy to handle. So you can quickly and easily keep your products safe – whatever their size.

Helping businesses throughout Europe secure small products

The need to secure smaller products is not a new issue. Join thousands of other businesses and organisations throughout Europe who are using mini stretch wrap rolls to keep their smallest assets safe and secure.


Designed and engineered for ease of use

Make sure your products are clean, dry, and ready for packaging.

Wrap manually or using automated lines, as you would for standard-sized products.

The mini stretch wrap roll’s smaller size means it is easier to handle and wrap smaller items manually.

For fragile or high-value products, wrap multiple times for increased strength and protection. It’s that simple.

Improve your packaging processes with mini stretch wrap roll

The wrap provides protective layers that prevent dirt, damp, and other contaminants from reaching your products.

Protecting your products for storage and transportation ensures they reach your buyers in top condition.

Because it is smaller, the wrap is more efficient and reduces wastage. Lower packaging costs, quality products, and happy buyers means better business.


ISO-certified packaging

Our mini stretch wrap rolls are ISO-certified, guaranteeing you quality products, tested and certified to the highest industry standards currently available.

Product specifications

Our mini stretch wrap rolls are available in the following sizes and thicknesses.

  • Sizes: 100mm to 250mm
  • Thicknesses: 12mu-23mu

Wrap can be supplied:

  • On the roll
  • Available clear or printed in up to 8 colours and tints as standard

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