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Machine Stretch Film

Protect Your Products with Machine Stretch Film

Secure your pallets and protect your products with our high-performance machine stretch film. Our cast stretch film arrives pre-stretched for greater efficiency and reduced costs, while our use of fold-over edges at the top and bottom of the roll ensures the same high strength and long-lasting protection.

Polythene UK stocks a full range of machine stretch film to suit all standard and power stretch applications, with the ability to produce any combinations of thickness and PPS percentage on the market.

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Our Range of Cast and Blown Stretch Film

150% PPS as Standard

Typically used on a standard/traditional core break pallet turntable wrapper, your machine does not pro-actively stretch your film.

In this instance we would recommend a free trial of our thinner 7 layer 250% PPS machine film which guarantees a minimum cost saving of 26% from your current supplier.

200% up to 400% PPS (Power Pre-Stretch)

Typically used on a semi-automatic pallet wrapper, your machine is pro-actively pre-stretching the film before it is applied to the pallet. The gearing/brake system will stretch the film from 200% up to 400% depending on the machine capabilities and settings, in all instances our 7, 9 or 33 layer films will enable you to down gauge (optimize) by a minimum of 26%.

We can also test your pallet load containment forces to ensure safe loads, through a cut and weigh test.

Fold Over Edge Pre Stretched

This technology was invented to maximise optimisation, typically taking a film from 17mu down to 6mu, where we can also fold over the edges of the film so it remains twice as thick at the critical breaking point.

Benefits of Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film is essential for quick and easy high volume application in a production line environment. Suitable for a number of commercial applications, our cast machine stretch film offers maximum efficiency while minimising labour and packaging costs.

Our range of products is suitable for automated, semi-automated and single pallet machines, while our Polythene UK Guarantee ensures practical pallet protection throughout storage and transportation.

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Machine Stretch Film

Technologies & Specifications

Machine Stretch Film specifications

  • Sizes: 100mm to 2m wide
  • Thicknesses: 6mµ to 70mµ
  • 150% – 400% PPS
  • Available as 3, 7,9 or 33-layer cast film

Technologies Available for Machine Stretch Film:

  • Available in any colour
  • Printed in 1, 2 or 3 colours
  • Macro perforated
  • Oxo-degradable

Next day delivery on stock items within the UK when you place your order before 2pm (excludes some parts of Scotland and Ireland).

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