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High-performance cast machine stretch film

Secure your pallets using high-performance cast machine stretch film for safer, more dependable palletised storage and transportation. Pre-stretched cast film decreases the weight of the roll and the cost to you per length while still retaining the same high performance levels. By using fold-over edges top and bottom, we ensure sufficient strength for the most exacting pallet-wrap requirements.

“We guarantee the highest cast machine stretch film yields in Europe”

From medium-sized independents to large blue-chip companies, we meet the pallet protection needs of companies throughout Europe, helping to secure supply chains and improve the efficiency of distribution lines.

Stretch Wrap and Films Range:

  • Sizes: 200mm to 12m wide
  • Thicknesses: 12.5µm to 400µm

Stretch Wrap and Films can be supplied:

  • Printed up to 8 colours

Using a five-layer cast film to maximise yield

Power cast machine stretch film is a five-layer cast film, which enables a minimum 13% down-gauge, leading to a further increase in yield. It is supplied using heavy-duty, lightweight cores, further improving yield.

Shrink wrap your pallets for safer, more secure shipping

Save up to 20% on your packaging costs

Because just protecting your pallets isn’t enough, our cast machine stretch film can also provide you with direct savings.

Twenty percent lighter than standard polythene but just as strong, Polylite™ delivers up to 20% savings in cost price.

To improve your environmental impact, we also offer Polyair™, providing you with a green, carbon-negative alternative to traditional polythene.

Switch to our exclusive materials today to secure your pallets and your manufacturing costs.


The price of polymer is determined by the price of oil, which changes all the time. Call our sales team on
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All products in the Stretch Wrap/Films range…

Machine Stretch Film


Our high-strength machine stretch film is available for automated, semi-automatic and single pallet machines.

Machine Stretch Film

Hand Pallet Wrap

Hand Pallet Wrap - Thumb

Our hand pallet wrap uses the same high performance pre-stretched Polylite film as our machine stretch film but supplied on hand rolls.

Hand Pallet Wrap

Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap-Thumb

Ideal for larger and longer items, we supply spiral wrap stretch films for all types of commercial and industrial application.

Spiral Wrap

Pallet Wrappers

Pallet Wrappers-Thumb

We guarantee the lowest pallet wrapper costs in the UK and offer free installation, delivery service and after-sales care service.

Pallet Wrappers