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At Polythene UK we promise to deliver the highest standard of packaging products:

  • GUARANTEED to save you money
  • GUARANTEED to reduce your carbon footprint
  • GUARANTEED to work

Eco Polythene Range

All our products help you to reduce your carbon
footprint and meet your legal packaging and waste

Tough, Lightweight Polythene

Polylite™ is an extremely tough, lightweight polythene material that gives you substantial cost savings compared to alternative polythene packaging materials.

Bio-based, Carbon Neutral

Our exclusive Polyair™ polythene product is the only 100% recyclable, carbon neutral material currently available.

Completely Compostable Polythene

Our starch-based Polycomp™ bags are designed to break down naturally after use so there’s no need for them to be recycled.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Post-consumer waste, or PCW, material that has served its intended purpose as a consumer item, and has then been separated from other material.