Agricultural Mulch Film

Our Mulch Film helps farmers throughout the UK to speed up the growth of their crops and provide healthier produce for better return on their yields.

In 2015, the UK saw an increase in wheat yields of 4.6% as a result of proper crop management, showing that the benefits of Mulch Film and other agricultural films are real.

The problem

Everything from UV exposure, water, and temperature can affect the growth, health, and quality of your produce. Britain’s increasingly unpredictable climate is making it more and more difficult for farmers to anticipate seasonal changes and temperature, at the expense of their produce.

Mulch film

Key Benefits of Agricultural Mulch Film

Easy installation

Faster growth and development of crops

Reduce crop waste and removal costs

Improve carbon footprint as the film is fully degradable

Technologies & Specifications of Agricultural Mulch Film

Up to 2.00m


20µ to 100µ


For the holes, we provide the following options:

From 1 to 6

Number of Holes


Holes diameter

Parallel or alternate


How Mulch Film helps

Mulch Film protects your crops against environmental changes by minimising the external conditions that could affect the crop, providing a more stable and nurturing environment for your plants’ growth.

The film has been specifically designed to use sunlight to disinfect and kill harmful weeds. Easy to apply and remove, it can be used across a wide range of produce, including asparagus, lettuce, corn, perennial crops, red fruits, shallots, and seasonal crops.

Our Mulch Film material is also fully degradable, maintaining your green credentials and making it an environmentally friendly alternative to less green polythenes and that make Polythene UK one of the trusted agricultural mulch film suppliers in the UK.

Product Range

Benefit from our wide range of films, sheets, and membranes for the agricultural and horticultural sectors:

Agricultural stretch film

This innovative stretch film by Silobal® allows farmers to easily and securely contain their bales. The film has been specifically developed to provide maximum flexibility and wrap around differently sized bales, for practical, flexible agricultural protection.

Ventilated stretch films

Let your produce breathe with our Ventilated Stretch Film, specifically designed to allow your pallet-wrapped fruit, vegetables, and flowers the natural airflow they need to stay fresh and healthy.

Mulch film

Our Mulch Film helps farmers throughout the UK to speed up the growth of their crops and provide healthier produce for better return on their yields. Mulch Film protects your crops against environmental changes by minimising the external conditions…

Silage sheeting

Our Silage Film provides farmers and horticulturists throughout the UK with a way of maintaining the nutritional value of their forage plants such as corn, vegetables, and grasses after cutting, for longer lasting, higher quality silage.

Horticultural bags/covers

Our wide range of Horticultural Bags and Liners is designed specifically to meet the broad needs of farmers, bale contractors, gardeners, groundsmen, and other horticulturalists throughout the UK.

Polytunnel Film

Made from specialised polythene to maximise your growing conditions, trapping temperature and humidity so your crops can grow in perfect conditions. They maintain growing conditions in this way, polytunnels are excellent for growing crops out of season.

Next day delivery on stock items within the UK when you place your order before 2pm (excludes some parts of Scotland and Ireland).

Frequently Asked Questions

Biodegradable mulch films may start to break down within a year, while non-biodegradable ones typically last around 1-2 years before requiring replacement. To maximize the use of mulch film, it is recommended to obtain a UV-stabilized polyethylene film that is at least 1-1.5 mils thick. Proper installation and careful gardening practices will also significantly extend its usable lifespan. Replace the standard black mulch film every 1-2 seasons or more frequently if it becomes torn or degraded by sunlight. Remove and replace any mulch film that is no longer intact.

The best time to install mulch film is in the early spring before you plant your crops. Installing mulch film when soils are still cool helps prevent weeds from germinating and becoming established. The mulch film will warm the soil, allowing you to plant earlier in the season. This gives your crops a head start on growth and maturity.

For summer crops, apply mulch film 2-4 weeks before your last expected frost date. For fall crops, install mulch film in late summer, around 6-8 weeks before your first fall frost date. Mulch added too early in fall may actually keep soils warmer than desired. Time the installation so the soil is warm when crop roots are developing. Proper timing will provide your crops with the maximum growing benefits from the mulch film.

Mulch film must be replaced each growing season as it cannot be reused. The plastic degrades over time, making it brittle and prone to tearing.

Replacing old mulch film is crucial to prevent disease, weed growth, and pest issues from one season to the next. By removing the old film, you can disrupt disease cycles and eliminate potential overwintering sites for pests.

The colour of the mulch film does make a difference when it comes to weed suppression and light exposure for crops.

Black mulch film is ideal for most vegetables, as it blocks light to prevent weed growth while warming the soil. Black also contrasts with most plants, making it easier to spot and remove any weeds that do poke through.

White or silver mulch film can be beneficial for crops that need more light exposure, like melons, squash, and cucumbers. The lighter colours reflect sunlight up to the plants. However, white film won't suppress weeds as well.

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